Origins & Destinations

The Transference of Heaven’s DNA

In Part 1, But Who Do You Say That I Am?, you will learn how Jesus used the raw material of the Apostle Peter’s family, occupation and culture to shape his future and call forth his destiny. You will find out why Jesus’ identity is critical to the establishment of your own identity, how identity impacts destiny, and the important part the Body of Christ play in the fulfillment of your destiny.

Part 2, Origins and Destinations, you will discover that through regeneration (new birth in Christ), you now share the same origin and birthright with the second and last Adam, Jesus Christ, the Man from Heaven. As sons and daughters predestined to be conformed in the image of Christ, you have received transference of Heaven’s DNA.

In Part 3, It Had to Be You!, you will be encouraged by examples of saints from all walks of life that have had great impact in the Kingdom of God through their personal choices and actions, and you will learn six essential components for meeting your destiny. God has a purpose for you and knows where to place you so your life will count the most for His Kingdom!

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Origins & Destinations