Presented at the International Fellowship of Ministries 2011 Fall Conference, “Discipling Your Nation: Rising Up in the Seven Spheres of Society.” Romans Chapter 8, Verse 19, proclaims the whole creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. Find out why, what and who it is waiting for…

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Origins and Destinations – The Transference of Heaven’s DNA

In this 3 CD series, Tony and Irene Fournier share about why Jesus’ identity is critical to the establishment of your own identity, how identity impacts destiny, and the important part the Body of Christ plays in the fulfillment of your destiny. You will be encouraged by examples of saints from all walks of life that have had great impact in the Kingdom of God through their personal choices and actions, and you will learn six essential components for meeting your destiny.

Origins & Destinations

Grace to the Humble – Submitting One to Another in the Fear of Christ

What is true submission and what is its effect on our lives? This seven-part series by Rev. Tony Fournier takes you through an in-depth study of the Biblical principles of authority and submission as they relate to the spheres of church, family, civil government, and the Kingdom of God. During this teaching you will gain a deeper understanding of how Godly authority and submission work together to forge us into weapons of righteousness and bring wisdom, maturity and favor; discover the purpose of authority and how God expects us to exercise the authority granted to us; learn that true submission is not merely passive, but active and responsive in nature; understand the root causes that lead to divisive behavior and how to respond to divisive people; examine common misconceptions regarding the roles of men and women in light of God’s original intent for mankind; and learn that, regardless of your station in life, mutual submission to one another brings honor to Christ and fulfills His commandment, “as I have loved you, you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples.”

Grace to the Humble